Spring Camp at Cartwheels


Spring break this year is for two weeks. Since the preschool is closed, I am fortunate to attend Cartwheels spring camp this week. Cartwheels is an indoor gym with apparatus, trampolines, foam pit, and etc. They have classes for parents and tots to age 13 to having competitive cheerleader classes. The teachers are excellent and they clearly have a lot of experience with young children. I really like the way they speak to the kids, and how they reinforce each child. I also really like it when the teachers give physical reinforcements like high fives and if a child isn’t looking when speaking , they say “where’s ____ eyes?”.

At Cartwheels, I support a child with pdd-nos and I told mom that I 100% trust her child to be with any staff there. There have been times when I would fade away and see how they handle certain situations, and I am happy to report that they know what they are doing. Being there made me very happy and I learned a couple of things from them.

I recommend everyone to try Cartwheels Gym in Steveston, BC! http://www.cartwheels.ca/index.htm

Schedule for this week
M- In centre day : gymnastics, crafts, meet and greet
T-Science World
W-Movie Day
T- PlayDome
F- Surrey Cartwheels for carnival games


Kids say the cutest things.

l colored my hair black recently, and the kids were really amazed with the drastic change. These are my top 3 Comments on it so far.

“You look spooky”
“Your hair is still black?”
“Did you color it with a black crayon?”

What do you all think?


xoxo Miss. Clara